Knowledge, connected

For the last decade knowledge graphs have been found behind everything from voice assistants to personalized shopping. Every day we’re constantly using and interacting them without even realizing it. COLABRIQ’s connected knowledge graph lets your business get the same smarts as the world’s most successful technology companies, just by installing a simple virtual appliance.

Question everything

Get answers to questions in minutes rather than hours, using information from across your own business and your supply chain partners. Our technology lets you blend data from ERP systems, PLM tools, CRM databases, and even spreadsheets. Don’t wonder whether you’ve missed something. With COLABRIQ, you always have the complete picture.

Smarter than your average database

Work with real-world things, not tables and indexes. Our knowledge graph lets you ask questions using terms you already understand. Using advanced AI technologies such as ontologies, we let you think about your world in the way that makes sense to you, while letting your partners do the same.

Level up your insight

Bring your analytics to the data, and start finding the things that matter. Our appliance is easy to extend with new capabilities like finite capacity planning, data cleansing, and trend analysis that expand the knowledge you can query. These are then available wherever and whenever you want. Even in Excel.

Have it your way

Use the COLABRIQ knowledge graph in your normal business applications with our broad set of connection options.

OData Logo


A standard protocol for linking applications. It is supported by many of your systems, including Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Informatica, Skyvia, Salesforce, & more.



The W3C standard for running semantic queries over knowledge graphs. Bring in data from governments, international organizations and even general encyclopedias.



Mash-up your current line of business data with our knowledge graph by integrating with your existing relational databases including Oracle, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, & more.


Excel add-in

Use the full knowledge graph directly from Excel. Our add-in lets you quickly pull the information you need into your workbooks. You can even submit new information, from the comfort of the most ubiquitous business app there is.



Build connected business tools quickly by surfacing information from your knowledge graph directly into modern web, phone, and tablet apps. With our GraphQL endpoint, the only limit is your imagination.

Commercial privacy by design

Our knowledge graph was designed, from the ground up, with your privacy in mind. You always keep full control of your data, who can see it, and when they can see it. Our peer-to-peer knowledge exchange protocol lets you connect with your partners in full confidence that your information is safe, without a central service tracking everything you do. We even provide you with query privacy, letting you freely ask questions without revealing any secrets.

Your data, in your control

With our platform, you don’t need to rely on the security of third-party SaaS products. Easily deploy our virtual appliance in your own infrastructure, whether on-premise or in your cloud estate, and secure it to your own best-practice standards.

  • Urgent care

    Quickly get the help you need to keep you going. Urgent issues will get a first response within an hour at any time.

  • Consultative support

    We are here whenever you need a helping hand. Our team will work with you to find the right solution to your problem.

  • Keeping us honest

    We provide a 99.9% service level agreement with clear and transparent metrics and compensatory credits.

Enterprise-grade support

We know that service interruptions can be very disruptive and delay your ability to do effective business. We pride ourselves on giving you the support you need to get back up and running quickly.

Frequently asked questions

No, we are not a blockchain. Existing blockchains have scaling challenges caused by needing to maintain a single common database for everyone in the network. The Bitcoin network averages only 5 transactions per second. Slowing the network like this is needed for a cryptocurrency, but is bad for connecting businesses. Our unique technology has been designed around the problem we’re solving. Our peer-to-peer  knowledge exchange protocol gives you both speed and a chain of information custody, letting you benefit from the best of both worlds.

No. Your data is only shared with those people and businesses you want to see it. You have full, detailed control over which bits of data they can see, and for how long. The data goes between your systems through our peer-to-peer protocol without needing a central SaaS service as a middleperson or index.

We find win-win opportunities for you and your partners to align their incentives. Getting data from others requires understanding everyone’s information needs across purchasing, sourcing, sales, and more. This has led us to create industry data alliances to find and exploit these opportunities using our uniquely deep experience with both supply chains, and digital transformation.

We are about to start a beta of our technical program for innovative companies looking to get more value out of their information. Contact us to find out more about taking part in this program.

Start connecting your knowledge

Discover how easy it is to connect your systems, and those of your partners using the COLABRIQ knowledge graph.