Fresh food & produce

Connect your supply chain, agriculture, and commercial teams to grow your business

If you are


A retailer

Trying to sell the right products at the right time.


A processor

Trying to deliver on time, in full, without waste.

Your problem

It takes you hours or days to make the decisions that will improve your bottom line because the information you need is spread over many spreadsheets, systems and businesses. This is what COLABRIQ was designed to solve.

The COLABRIQ solution

We create a connected knowledge graph that joins all the information across your business and beyond. We give you a single, integrated view of the world that can be used by your commercial, agricultural, & supply chain teams so you can make more informed decisions.

The COLABRIQ knowledge graph aligns and standardizes data from your databases, ERP systems, and even spreadsheets to give you the facts you need to improve your bottom line.

Giving your team superpowers


An eager data scientist in your spreadsheet

Turn your data into knowledge, automatically finding connections between facts so you’re always ahead of the game.


A lightning-fast courier getting you the latest data

Why wait to make a critical decision? Our decentralized knowledge graph helps you finds answers in minutes, instead of weeks.


A vigilant defender of your commercial privacy

Your knowledge is your biggest competitive advantage. Our technology gives you full control over your secrets, protecting you as you work with your partners.

The only secure solution for connecting knowledge in food

A report for the UK Government identifies COLABRIQ as the sole solution capable of networking complex food supply chains.

Learn more about the connected knowledge graph

Find out how our technology can help you to improve your business through better informed decisions.