COLABRIQ is helping businesses in agriculture and food make the right decisions, by getting the right information at the right time, giving a win-win for everyone in the supply chain.

Poultry, for example, is a fast moving industry and decisions have to be made in minutes and hours. But information moves slowly and takes days or even weeks to bring together. The result is the poor matching of supply to demand. 30% of poultry meat is sold at 50% of its full market value. This is costing the industry $29bn a year.

The connected knowledge graph

The reason why information is slow is one we’re all too familiar with. Every business has lots of software solutions and a ton of spreadsheets. All this information is disconnected and businesses can’t make sense of it. But it gets worse. In supply chains you have lots of businesses working together all with the same problem.

Fortunately, there is already a solution to this problem: knowledge graphs. Knowledge graphs are the technology that makes Google search so powerful, and is used by 25 of the world’s 27 largest banks.

Our team has 20 years’ experience building them, and has built not 1, but 2 payments systems for the UK government.

Knowledge graphs can take information from any system – even a spreadsheet – and connect it. This is knowledge. This shows you what is happening across your organization, and why. And if you know what is happening and why, you can predict what will happen next.

We protect your competitive advantage

So, why haven’t we seen knowledge graphs in agriculture? The issue is that current solutions use centralized databases. If two competitors put their information into a centralized database, they will be able to see straight into each other’s businesses.

The world's first decentralized knowledge graph

At COLABRIQ we know that your data reveals your competitive advantage. This is why we built the world’s first decentralized knowledge graph. We bring the power of a graph to an entire network of businesses. The reason it works is because each business has complete control over what information they share, with whom, and when.

A win-win for everyone in the supply chain

A win-win for everyone in the supply chain

So, lets imagine that you are a poultry processor. You’ve just processed a flock of birds and you need to sell them quickly. The longer it takes you to sell, the less you sell it for, until you’re forced to freeze it, losing half its market value. Finding a home for your birds is difficult, you need to connect a ton of information, including prices, specifications, from your business and others. COLABRIQ does this for you, leaving you to focus on making the right decision for your business.

This is a win-win for everyone in the supply chain.

Introducing the Poultry Data Alliance

Working with Alltech we have pulled together an incredible group of businesses, including retailers and processors, to form the Poultry Data Alliance, part of the Good for Good Business Group. This is a group of businesses that recognises that the next generation of profit and efficiency will come from coordination of the end-to-end supply chain. We have already been approached by other to form alliances in other areas, such as beef, swine and dairy.

If you would like to join the Poultry Data Alliance, or want to work with us to build alliances in your area, sign up below!